Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He is Risen!

More than anything I want my boys to know and experience Jesus for themselves. I want them to have real life experiences that translate into greater faith. I want them to understand that the promises found in Scripture are relevant and available today. We try in many ways, both practical and creative, to encourage their faith. We tend to kick it up a notch around holidays!

Since we homeschool we have lots of opportunities to talk about Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit. But we also get to have a lot of fun... and snacks. So here's a little sampling of what Easter looks like at our house.

We started on the first day of Passover by reading Exodus 12 and then cleaning all the "leaven" from our house. This is a great way to get your kids to clean! We also ate "leaven-free" all day.

Each day we talked about the events of the week and read part of the account from Matthew. We took communion to remember the Last Supper (forgot to take a pic). Then we made a special treat. We took a marshmallow (Jesus), broke it in half (His body was broken for us), placed it inside a crescent roll (the tomb), rolled it up and pinched the ends (set a guard). We baked according to the directions and when it came out (3 days later... just kidding it was 10-12 minutes). Jesus body was no longer in the tomb. Really fun for the kids and they got to eat a snack!

We also dyed Easter eggs... without spilling this year!!!! And they got to eat a snack.

Then we used jelly beans to talk about Salvation. I have found with boys every activity should involve some sort of snack to hold interest! :)The boys learned that black represents sin. Red is Jesus' shed blood that cleanses us from sin. White is for our hearts being white as snow. Green represents new life. We didn't have clear jelly beans so we used orange to represent the Holy Spirit. Blue is for Jesus' promises. Finally, yellow represents the streets of gold that we will see when Jesus returns to take us to Paradise with Him! They were really excited to demonstrate their knowledge and then... eat a snack.

On Good Friday we went out to eat with Mooma and Papa and then went to church. The boys enjoyed the service with special music, remembrance of our sin and Jesus' sacrifice and we were able to take communion as a family. Last year we spent Good Friday in the ER with Kaden after he cut his neck. This year was MUCH better! The weather was also very dark and stormy all day. It made our reading of the Crucifixion so much more real and powerful!

We also memorized Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 and made our infamous cake to illustrate. Which they then decided to share with Mooma and Papa. And this was their snack.

On Easter morning we went to church and then taught Sunday School. The boys were able to listen to the Easter story again and celebrate with their church family Jesus resurrection! Don't worry between services they had a snack!

We had a little Easter egg hunt when we got home and then off to lunch at Emme's. Then Emme had a little hunt for them as well. They watched Mary Poppins for the first time too!

PHEW! I am exausted just thinking about it. I should probably take a nap or better yet get a snack.


Marjie R said...

Cute kids... at least I think so!

Grace Wheeler said...

I think so too! Glad to know you have a blog now!

Luckieleah said...

yay! for blogging mama's! :) and you totally need to try the baby k'tan! it's super easy! I can't do complicated!

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